A wind of optimism is finally starting to blow across Europe

Whilst some in hospitality see the glass half empty, others who focus on the future may see a different reality. According to the latest STR report, Europe is on its way to recover and in some areas has reached 70% occupancy of 2019 by October 2021. With other parts of the world recovering faster like the US and the Middle East.

Credit STR, November 12th

As the skies clear, we are seeing what the “new norm” of hospitality looks like and the new demand that will bring, none more than Paris as this city is leading the way for “business on the book” over 28 days with London and Madrid following closely behind.

As demand intensifies, profitability is returning in most European getaway cities, gross operating profit margins are in the green again and hotels are finally starting to recoup the losses felt over 2020.

Now that there is renewed confidence in customer spending, I would argue that it is the right time for hospitality to put their best foot forward and start investing for the future and to ask themselves are you ready for 2022? Do you have the right tools, the right competences in your team, the right BtoB and BtoC, offline and online strategies in place to outperform your competition?

 We have been collecting feedback from our hotel partners on their covid frustrations and have found that areas they wish to review include their distribution channels, rate strategies and creating an easy-to-use direct booking option.

World Hospitality Alliance was created with the expertise and the network strength to support your business locally in all the important aspects of the customers journey, from dreaming, to planning, booking, experiencing, and sharing. Our local experts can support your GM in making your distribution and rate strategy as effective as possible, help set clear real objectives, acquiring new customers, opening you to new markets.

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