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A database does not automatically turn into customers just as it is not physically possible for the sales force to be ubiquitous or the lack of innovation in technology and distribution brings results anyway.

The many changes that have impacted the industry require tourism and hospitality companies to innovate with new ways of working and speaking with clients, the most effective resources and tools to promote their services and products in a highly competitive and uncertain environment.

World Hospitality Alliance continues to advance its coverage in crucial markets after signing a strategic alliance with TRUST Assessoria Empresarial LTDA, led by renowned professional Tomas Ramos.

Together the two entities provide World Hospitality Alliance’s clients with a key entry into the Brazilian market benefiting from the sales and marketing support of Tomas and his team.

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The World Hospitality Alliance’s primary objective is to furnish a rich and diversified menu of professional services to drive value and return on investment through an integrated and cost-effective approach, including representation in key markets, consulting on process optimisation, hyper-personalization of the rooms inventory, efficiency of distribution channels and social presence.

The World Hospitality Alliance already offers these solutions in Europe, Australia, and several South American markets. This newly created partnership with TRUST Assessoria Empresarial LTDA is a logical continuation of the alliance’s development strategy, focused on supplying comprehensive and global support.

Tomas Ramos, Director of TRUST Assessoria Empresarial LTDA, is the indispensable local contact to foster brands and implement business plans in Brazil. A recognised industry veteran with extensive experience in sales, marketing, public relations, as well as launching and repositioning hotels, Tomas comments: “I am very pleased to celebrate this strategic alliance with World Hospitality Alliance, backed by professionals whose expertise is recognised worldwide. By joining the World Hospitality Alliance, Brazilian hotel chains and independent hotels will have access to international sales and marketing activities as well as introduce advanced room sales management and exploit the penetration of both social media and distribution channels. In addition, they will gain from much wider opportunities to find and recruit new clients in Europe, Australia and South America’’.

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Launched three years ago, World Hospitality Alliance is led by experts in global sales and technology offering specialised services for hotels and travel companies through its country-based brands WHEE Creative Hospitality, PowerUpSales, GF Travel Consulting, RSR Consultants, and Hotel Free Planner. In the technology area, the group includes GauVendi, a hyper-personalised room booking platform that offers automated inventory and revenue management, powered by AI to maximise revenue and enhance the guest experience. It also includes Direct Your Bookings which provides World Hospitality Alliance clients with the expert advice offered by this company specialised in digital marketing and strategy.

The main objective of the representation and consulting firm’s executives is to support hotels and tourism organisations in optimising their overall sales and market share growth opportunities, using strategies and solutions that stand out for being innovative and customised. World Hospitality Alliance currently operates Europe, covering Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, BeNeLux, UK and in Latin America with a presence in Brazil and Argentina.

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TRUST Assessoria Empresarial LTDA

TRUST offers solutions to companies that want to increase their revenue, efficiency and competitiveness in the hospitality, tourism and events industries. Some organisations are unable to solve specific situations due to problems related to high costs, short lead times and lack of experience on the part of their managers.

Hiring TRUST – Hospitality, Tourism and Events is a strategic decision for one simple reason: the rapid transformations that the tourism market is experiencing in Brazil and abroad. TRUST’s portfolio of services has been carefully designed to offer its clients holistic assessments, well-founded strategies to achieve goals and results, excellent cost-benefit ratio, adequate tools for the continuous qualification of the team, advice for decision making and for team restructuring and development mapping.

Contact TRUST: Móvil/Whatsapp (+5521)98165-1111- Email:


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