Hotels & Covid-19: Voucher Today Worth 2x Tomorrow.

Hotels & Covid-19: Voucher Today Worth 2x Tomorrow.

Interesting idea.

You buy a hotel voucher today at the price of $50 which will be worth $100 tomorrow, when you’ll decide to book, as soon as the emergency covid-19 will be over.

Check what this resort in Costa Rica came up with:


Spanish to English of the central part that explains how it works:

The client buys a holiday voucher at a price of $50 and Montaña de Fuego (hotel) will double the value of the voucher. So, the client pays $50 for a voucher worth $100 upon booking confirmation.

To a certain extend it may be tricky, as certain people have already express their disappointment with travel-related campaigns they keep getting on different channels.

On the flip side, people forced to stay home, some even quarantined, for such a long time, might consider this initiative a sort of taste-of-future, something that helps them dream about their freedom, the day all this s**t will be over and they will start travel again.

And for the hotel (resort) a way to get some immediate cash-flow in times where there is so little, or none, and a way to get direct revenue.

Thanks to my special friend Silvia Fernandez for the interesting tip.

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