Signing a hotel sales representation partnership is a strategic decision that should be viewed as a medium-to-long-term strategy. It requires thorough research and evaluation and remains crucial as long as it fosters a seamless relationship, provides a higher-level perspective to support your own sales force and consistently delivers long-lasting and tangible results aligned with the agreed-upon objectives.

Hotel sales representation companies are the optimal choice for enabling the international positioning and expansion of independent and small to medium-sized hotels in markets or segments beyond your own resource reach.

However, this decision necessitates certain primary considerations. These include understanding the capabilities of your hotel’s multiple departments to effectively support its representative and engage in seamless collaboration to optimize the partnership and ensure a return on investment.

Even if your hotel or business is currently experiencing robust demand and rapid rate growth, and you’ve nearly forgotten the struggles of the recent pandemic, believing you don’t need external sales representation, you may not be fully optimizing your revenue potential and considering long-term sustainability.

By capitalizing on emerging travel trends in the field, you can ensure you’re not leaving leads uncovered, prospecting efficiently, and diversifying your market segmentation.

Moreover, you’re competing against global giants that are strategically capturing volumes from various markets. Therefore, you must swiftly adjust your focus and respond nimbly to unforeseen events or situations in an unpredictable global landscape, as has been demonstrated previously.

According to estimation by STR back to year 2022, there are approximately 17.5 million guestrooms across 187,000 hotels globally.

  • In Europe alone, around 77% of hotels are independently owned, with a significant portion being multi-generational family companies.
  • In the U.S., at the end of 2022, STR said there were 25,544 independent properties representing 1,511,716 rooms.
  • In South – East Asia alone, around 80% of the hotels are independent.

Independent and small to medium-sized hotel groups have to become more cost-efficient and fight more intensively for market share. While seeking to expand their presence in competitive target markets amidst the pressure of OTAS and proliferation of global chains often confront hurdles when managing their sales strategies autonomously.

To penetrate global markets, hotels may opt to align with renowned soft brands globally. It brands cater to owners seeking to maintain control over their unique properties while leveraging the extensive loyalty programs and distribution networks of larger brands. They offer more flexibility with fewer rigid standards to adhere to, and their fees may be comparatively lower than those of traditional hard brands in similar categories.

Nonetheless, this choice frequently entails substantial fees, commissions, and marketing expenditures, placing strain on the budgets of independent or modest-scale properties. Moreover, such collaborations may sometimes exacerbate competition among multiple hotels represented by the same company in a given area.

🔲 Given that many individual hoteliers prioritize preserving their identity and maintaining control over branding and pricing strategies, they may find value in exploring an alternative approach.

Hiring external independent sales representatives typically provides a viable and savvy solution for independent hotels. One of the biggest appeals is the offering of customized and adaptable strategies, enabling hotels and groups to retain autonomy over their budgets and enhance their investment returns.

Selecting a representation company that aligns with your hotel’s values, objectives, and maximizes your chances of success in target markets requires careful consideration of multiple factors.  This is essential to maintain competitiveness and entails conducting thorough research and due diligence to ensure compatibility and effectiveness in achieving your business goals.

How to make it happen?

Hoteliers should prioritize considering those sales representation companies that:

✅ Align with your vision and core values.

✅ Have evolved their service offering beyond traditional sales services to adapt with today’s dynamic and unpredictable ecosystem, so they can immediately immerse in the role .

✅ Offer agile and escalable services to accomodate all projects scope.

✅ Have a senior team with a solid expertise of disciplines such as revenue management, digital marketing, and distribution, enabling a comprehensive 360-degree vision. This approach ensures well-informed decision-making and facilitates the achievement of successful sales objectives.

✅ Offer consultancy services about innovative hospitality technology solutions aimed at enhancing customer experience and driving increased direct bookings to properties. Collaborating with industry disruptors like GauVendi , an award-winning AI-powered sales system that champions inventory attribute-based selling will provide independent hotels with a distinct competitive advantage.

There is an indefinite number of independent sales representatives around the world, many with extensive experience gained from working with renowned hotel chains, hotels or tourism organizations.

While some independent sales representatives work alone, focusing on specific geographical areas or business segments, there are also companies formed by independent freelancers offering a global coverage, evolving in their role of shaping the future of representation with a comprehensive 360-degree vision.

If you’re considering evaluating potential cooperation for 2025 and beyond with an outsourced sales company to expand your markets and secure your long-term growth, we are eager to do an initial exploratory review and propose an ideal customized business plan for your hotel.

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The main objective of the representation and consulting firm’s executives is to support hotels and tourism organisations in optimising their overall sales and market share growth opportunities, using strategies and solutions that stand out for being innovative and customised. World Hospitality Alliance currently operates in Europe, covering Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, BeNeLux, UK; in Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

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