A Successful Hotel Case Study – Interview with Gianluca Borgna.

Outperforming the hotel performance of 2019 with 🔵 a completely new Market Mix 🔴 tons of creativity 🟡 a positive approach and 🟠 a lot of courage.

Without reinventing the wheel. Simple, yet effective actions.

In the last days I had the pleasure to re-interview Gianluca Borgna, GM of family-owned Talassio Hotels, whose flagship hotel being represented by the iconic Grand Hotel Alassio 5*, in the north-west of Italy.

During the 1st interview, Gianluca shared all the main elements that were bringing him and Grand Hotel Alassio toward an extremely successful 2020 Summer season, to the point that he decided to postpone the winter closure.

That was back in August.

This one is the follow-up chat we just had, almost 20 min full of tips, strategies and real numbers.

A Glimmer of Hope for 2021 for many Hotel Professionals.

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