Growth & Innovation in Sales for Hotels: Interview with Oscar Gomez.

Transformation in times of recovery!

Or as I prefer to call it “Growth through innovation”

We are all on “survival mode” but we should put our energy and talent on evaluating new sales and distribution techniques.

In my years in travel and tourism, I have seen the hospitality industry recover from crisis time and time again.

From SARS to the 2008 market crash, the industry has recovered and, with time, grown to extraordinary levels.

Some actions I have seen implemented in previous crisis include:

✅ Redesign your sales strategies concentrating on 3-5 feeder markets both regional and international
✅ Take risks and work together with global sales experts who can guide you through the redesign process in those key markets
✅ Think strategically! Evaluate innovative sales actions; new distribution models; explore new markets and invest on education and training of your staff

The common denominator I have seen during past global crisis is that innovation and transformation are key to overcome hard-hitting periods.

So my advice is to proactively evaluate how you can innovate better than your competition to be ready when recovery arrives.

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